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Bethel AME Church Social Action Committee

10.02.17 | Social Action | by Douglas Oden, Esq

    Bethel AME Church Commission on Social Action would like to ask that everyone join us in solidarity by Confession, Repentance and Commitment to End Racism. Racism will not end with the passage of legislation alone; it will also require a change of heart and thinking. This is an effort which the faith community must lead, and be the conscience of the nation. So we are asking that everyone take time to confess and repent for the sin and evil or racism, this includes ignoring, tolerating and accepting racism and to make a commitment to end racism by the example of our lives and actions.

    Please be in prayer. Ask God to guide and empower us for this effort.

    Respectfully Submitted: Bethel Memorial AME Social Action Commission:

    Dalonda Mitchell
    Doug Oden