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Commission on Membership, Evangelism and Discipleship 
The Commission on Membership, Evangelism and Discipleship is devoted to sharing the joy of Christ with both parishioners and the community. It participates in several outreach activities designed to help increase the size, vitality and diversity of the church through evangelism and community outreach, welcoming visitors to our church, and building church membership. Members are encouraged to suggest ideas to increase church membership through this ministry.
Commission on Christian Education
The mission of the Commission on Christian Education is to serve as the central planning and program department of the educational ministry of the church. The Commission provides leadership and direction in the development of a master plan for Christian education for the church and unites all auxiliaries in the church through organization and a common goal to help all persons to learn of God through Jesus Christ, grow in their understanding of the Christian faith, and be involved in the service, work, and witness for Christ. 
Commission on Missions and Welfare
The Commission on Mission and Welfare provide for the dissemination of the missionary information, the distribution of missionary literature, and the circulation of missionary periodicals.
Commission on Stewardship and Finance
The Commission on Stewardship and Finance promote and cultivate Christian stewardship and administer the financial program of the church. 
Commission on Public Relations 
The Commission on Public Relations creates and develops publicity venues for the church that includes; radio and television commercials, audio and video productions, flyers, posters, DVDs, event booklets and pamphlets, bulletin boards, business cards, church newsletters, and other public relations items.
Commission on Social Action
The Commission on Social Action coordinates activities in the area of social, racial, and economic relations; temperance, world peace, and community cooperation. 
Commission on Health
The Commission on Health asses the health needs of the congregation organizes a health guild and develops health education training and projects. This commission also serves as a resource for health information and collaborates with community health agencies and associations for health programs to share. This commission provides first aid as needed during church activities. It shall encourage each organization in our church to include a health component in its life and work.